Our modern lifestyle means that our day to day activities are almost always intertwined with electricity. That said, electricity is undeniably a vital part of our everyday living. Considerably, we also spend a significant amount of our income to pay for our utility bills. Cutting down on electricity consumption is therefore essential if you want to save money. But did you know that cutting down your energy use not only lets you save money, but also the planet?

How Does Energy Saving Help Protect the Environment?

While it may not be that obvious, there is a direct correlation between how we use energy and the environment. When you consume less energy, you help reduce the toxins and the strain on the environment, conserve the earth’s natural resources and promote ecological balance. By taking even the smallest steps to reduce your energy consumption, you can make a huge impact and contribute to a greener, happier, and healthier world.

  • Protect the Air

To produce power, energy plants burn coal, crude oil, or other fossil fuels releasing toxic greenhouse gases to the environment – carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxides. When we use less electricity, we can help decrease power plant emissions which can have a detrimental impact on the environment.

  • Help Prevent Climate Change

If there is an alarming issue we should all be concerned with, it’s the effects of climate change. Energy plants give off extra carbon wastes that in turn trap too much heat leading to climate change. Climate change is blamed for the rising temperatures, higher sea levels, heat waves, drought, abnormal weather patterns, and increased intensity of natural disasters.

  • Conserve Limited and Depleting Natural Resources

If each of us will take part in cutting back on energy use, we can all help conserve limited natural resources, such as coal, trees, natural gases, and water, that would otherwise be used to produce electricity.

  • Save Ecosystems and Promote Biodiversity

Increasing demands on electricity would mean we have to tap into more natural resources, and in the process destroy habitats both in land and in water, displacing animals and harming the ecological balance.

Top 10 Ways to Save Energy

Cutting down energy usage in your home can benefit not just your wallet, but more importantly the environment. Here are 10 simple ways you can reduce your energy consumption at home:

  1. Switch off the lights and appliances when no one is using them. Even better, unplug all unused appliances from the outlets to save costs from ‘phantom energy loss.’
  2. Save energy in how you wash and dry your clothes and dishes.
  3. Choose Energy Star certified appliances which consume way less electricity compared to the conventional ones.
  4. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.
  5. Make sure your home has a good insulation system.
  6. Change or clean your filters regularly.
  7. Conduct a routine checkup and preventive maintenance in your home’s HVAC or Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning system.
  8. Invest in programmable thermostats.
  9. Use fans for cooling instead of relying heavily on your air-conditioner systems.
  10. Take advantage of natural ventilation by opening your windows to let cool air in at night.

Save Energy, Help Save Mother Earth

Electricity powers up our homes and make our lives more comfortable. But, energy costs money. Every time you make an effort to lower your energy bills, you are putting more money back in your wallet. What’s more? When we use energy responsibly, we are doing our share in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. Surprisingly, saving energy does not have to be complicated. Even with our simplest effort, we can help make a huge difference and provide a positive global impact.