Retirement homes have a different level of cleaning requirement as compared to a home or an office. Observing sanitation and cleanliness is something that should not be taken for granted.

Retirement homes are one of the places where germs or microscopic microorganisms could breed. This cannot be risked because a lot of the residents have frail health conditions and are, therefore, prone to catching these germs. It’s also the same case with hospitals. Schools with young children are also in the same league.

Cleaning retirement homes is not an easy feat for many carpet cleaning companies. Not all are experienced and knowledgeable with this type of cleaning. So how do you find the right one?


Here are some important points to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning business:


SLC Carpet cleaners need to be trained and certified before allowed doing this job. Ask for the cleaning company’s certification before deciding to hire them. There also associations they can join for affiliation purposes. If they are affiliated with an association, chances are they have met the strict standards of the cleaning industry.


Industry-worthy equipment

A professional carpet cleaning company should have vacuums and equipment that are necessary for a certified cleaning company. Regular vacuums are not acceptable because they will not be able to clean the carpets thoroughly. The suction must be powerful to remove even the most deep-seated dirt.


Accurate price quote

Carpet cleaning companies provide free quotations. They may need to inspect the area that needs cleaning, the type of carpet, and its soiled condition. They could charge you by the hour or by the square foot.

Be inquisitive and ask what the rate include, example, if the pre-vacuum is covered or if you need to do it yourself; would they move light furniture, etc.

Do not be enticed by very low quotations because they might not be telling you the truth. Often, there will be hidden charges added to your bill. Sometimes you end up paying more.



Don’t settle for anything less! A professional carpet cleaning company should be well-known in the industry as one that provides reliable and thorough cleaning and charge fair rates. They should also be on time and, if you’re paying them on an hourly basis, they should use work hours to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Cleaning methods

There are various methods for cleaning carpets. The most popular among them is the Hot Water Extraction method, also known as Steam Cleaning. Although no steam is used in the process, cleaners often use this to refer to Hot Water Treatment.

It uses highly pressurized hot water to remove soil and dirt from carpets and uses a powerful vacuum to extract cleaning solutions and water. This process leaves minimal residue.

There are also dry cleaning methods such as Bonnet Cleaning, Absorbent Compound Cleaning, and Encapsulation. All of these methods use very little water allowing the carpets to dry quickly.