How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Company for a Retirement Home

Retirement homes have a different level of cleaning requirement as compared to a home or an office. Observing sanitation and cleanliness is something that should not be taken for granted.

Retirement homes are one of the places where germs or microscopic microorganisms could breed. This cannot be risked because a lot of the residents have frail health conditions and are, therefore, prone to catching these germs. It’s also the same case with hospitals. Schools with young children are also in the same league.

Cleaning retirement homes is not an easy feat for many carpet cleaning companies. Not all are experienced and knowledgeable with this type of cleaning. So how do you find the right one?


Here are some important points to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning business:


SLC Carpet cleaners need to be trained and certified before allowed doing this job. Ask for the cleaning company’s certification before deciding to hire them. There also associations they can join for affiliation purposes. If they are affiliated with an association, chances are they have met the strict standards of the cleaning industry.


Industry-worthy equipment

A professional carpet cleaning company should have vacuums and equipment that are necessary for a certified cleaning company. Regular vacuums are not acceptable because they will not be able to clean the carpets thoroughly. The suction must be powerful to remove even the most deep-seated dirt.


Accurate price quote

Carpet cleaning companies provide free quotations. They may need to inspect the area that needs cleaning, the type of carpet, and its soiled condition. They could charge you by the hour or by the square foot.

Be inquisitive and ask what the rate include, example, if the pre-vacuum is covered or if you need to do it yourself; would they move light furniture, etc.

Do not be enticed by very low quotations because they might not be telling you the truth. Often, there will be hidden charges added to your bill. Sometimes you end up paying more.



Don’t settle for anything less! A professional carpet cleaning company should be well-known in the industry as one that provides reliable and thorough cleaning and charge fair rates. They should also be on time and, if you’re paying them on an hourly basis, they should use work hours to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Cleaning methods

There are various methods for cleaning carpets. The most popular among them is the Hot Water Extraction method, also known as Steam Cleaning. Although no steam is used in the process, cleaners often use this to refer to Hot Water Treatment.

It uses highly pressurized hot water to remove soil and dirt from carpets and uses a powerful vacuum to extract cleaning solutions and water. This process leaves minimal residue.

There are also dry cleaning methods such as Bonnet Cleaning, Absorbent Compound Cleaning, and Encapsulation. All of these methods use very little water allowing the carpets to dry quickly.

The Importance of Cleanliness and Hygiene in Retirement Homes Emphasized

Studies indicate that a clean and comfortable environment significantly improves a person’s health and well-being. It is a critical factor prospective customers inspect when searching for retirement home facilities for their loved ones. Keeping older loved ones comfortable in their twilight years is a way to show them how much they are loved.

Retirement home managers should not be satisfied when they see the home clean. Clean doesn’t mean it is safe from disease-causing microorganisms. Regular inspection for sanitation purposes should be done to prevent residents from getting infected with certain diseases. You would not want to risk an outbreak in your facility because it could ruin the business. People talk, and by word of mouth, they could destroy your retirement home’s reputation.

Tips to Keep Your Facility Clean and Hygienic

  1. Clean and disinfect on a regular basis

Older people’s immune systems are not as strong as when they were young. They are easily prone to respiratory diseases. Ensure all rooms, especially residents’ rooms, are cleaned on a daily basis. Check for spilled foods and drinks that could become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

It is also not sufficient to just wipe doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls. Disinfect these high-touch items with cleaning solutions that are certified safe. Do not risk residents getting in contact with toxic chemicals.

Studies have shown that an increasing number of work-related respiratory diseases are caused by toxic cleaning solutions and disinfectants. It is particularly the case among health workers in hospitals and retirement homes.

  1. Eating facility

The cafeteria is a source of contamination if cooking and eating utensils are not properly washed and stored. Cockroaches could raid your kitchen and eating area at night and could spread germs.

  1. Prevent limescale on bathrooms

A limescale build up could only mean one thing – poor maintenance. It is a definite no-no in a retirement home. Regular cleaning with the use of a non-toxic solution or green product is recommended.

Bathrooms should also be kept clean at all times. Disinfect toilet bowls, tubs and lavatories, as well as shower handles.

  1. Keep a sanitized laundry facility

The laundry area, even if it is not a place visited by residents, should be kept clean all the time. Residents’ clothes are washed here, and bacteria that get in contact with their clothes could be easily transferred once the clothing is worn.

Use a laundry system that could disinfect clothes during washing, at the same time keep it smelling fresh and clean. An efficient laundry system lowers electricity cost and work time for laundry employees. Clothes, bedding, etc. tend to look whiter when washed in a good laundry system.

  1. Start from the top most floor downwards

Cleaning should always begin at the higher floors. When you start on the ground level going up, there is a huge possibility that the lower floors could become messy again from dirt and grime on the upper floors. You would be wasting a lot of time cleaning this way.

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Service for a Retirement Home

Infection is one of the top concerns in retirement home facilities. This is what worries patients’ loved ones most of the time. People in the nursing home industry are aware of this and maintain a high standard when it comes to cleanliness.

For those in charge of cleaning, this is considered one of the most challenging assignments. An additional challenge is the fact that people are always around, they cannot be asked to leave while cleaning is on-going. Cleaners should find a way to do their job without causing a lot of disturbance. Planning is also a must to carry out cleaning schedules. For example, cafeterias should be cleaned only when meal time is over. While residents are eating, the recreation area can be cleaned, and so on.

Nursing homes should be kept clean and germ-free all the time because of the fragile health condition of patients. Nursing home residents have weak immune systems that are susceptible to disease and infection, and at times, this could become deadly. Flu is particularly a top concern and has the highest case among patients.

When cleaning, remember several things that need more attention than others. Spots that are often touched or held like doorknobs, railings or light switches need to be kept clean all the time because they could transmit viruses. Despite best efforts of frequent handwashing, there is a high risk of contamination if these spots are not cleaned properly and regularly.

Floors also need a lot of attention. Spills could happen anytime and the risk of patients sliding or losing their balance when the floor is slippery is very high. No retirement home would risk this happening to their residents.

If floors are carpeted, this is another significant concern. Germs and allergens get trapped in carpet fibers, and they could infect patients. Vacuuming the floors on a daily basis is not sufficient to thoroughly clean them.


How to Effectively Clean Carpets

Retirement homes should never settle for anything less when cleaning carpets. Professional carpet cleaners are a necessity when carrying out this essential maintenance because they have the right cleaning solutions and equipment to successfully perform the task.

The Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning Method is the top choice for this purpose.

Despite the word “steam”, no steam is used in this carpet cleaning method. Steam could seldom be seen coming out of the equipment, often only when the water used to agitate and rinse the carpet is hot, but it loses most of the heat after passing through the equipment.

The cleaning process is carried out by conditioning the carpet with a cleaning solution. The solution is applied to the carpet with highly pressurized hot water. Carpet fibers are lightly agitated by a machine with soft brushes. A strong vacuum extracts or suction the cleaning solution along with the dirt and allergens.

How Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning offers better cleaning as compared to carpet shampoos and dry cleaning because they keep the carpet sanitized. This process is recommended at least once a year, but in the case of retirement homes, the minimum should be twice a year.

For maintaining carpets after steam cleaning, using dry cleaning methods may be utilized.

Encapsulation is one of the options. It employs the application of foam to clean the carpets. The foam binds with soil and dirt, and after about 10 minutes, they are lifted by a power vacuum.

Absorbent compound cleaning is another process whereby the powder is scattered and applied on the surface of the carpet and then suctioned by power a vacuum.

Another type of dry cleaning is the use of bonnets. The cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet, followed by agitation using a machine with brushes, and then extracted using bonnets on a machine.

Cleaning for Nursing Homes

Nursing and Retirement homes are special dwelling for our senior citizens. Aside from being their second home, nursing homes also prioritize the health and well-being of all its residents. As such, cleaning must be second nature to the place.

Cleaning a nursing home is pretty much cleaning for the hospital and children’s room. The elderly people have weak immune system so dirt and germs are simply a no-no. The proper way of cleaning ensures that the germs are removed and not spread around the room.

To achieve this, the nursing home should use cleaning methods such as spray and vac cleaning to prevent the spread of germs to different areas of the facility. It is also important to use environment-friendly cleaning solutions. This will ensure that the residents of the home is not exposed to harmful chemicals that can affect their health.

Proper hygiene and garbage disposal is key in keeping the home clean and safe for all the residents and workers.