Saving electricity is not only an excellent way to counter the increasing prices of energy. It also provides us a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Even a small effort in conserving energy at home can make a huge difference globally.

When we have the right mindset, energy saving isn’t difficult at all, and as we make it a habit, in no time at all, it will just come as second nature. Here are simple steps we can do to cut down on energy use at home:

  1. Unplug unused appliances from the outlet.

Often, we only turn off the TV using the remote control and leave it plugged into the outlet. The thing is, even if turned off, most appliances we have at home still consumes electricity for as long as they are plugged into an outlet. In the same way, chargers for mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets utilize small amounts of electricity even when they are not charging, so make sure you unplug them when you’re not charging a device.

  1. Upgrade your light bulbs.

Traditional incandescent bulbs consume more energy, CFLs and LED bulbs are not only more energy-efficient, but they also provide more efficient lighting and generally lasts longer than conventional ones. This saves you money from having to replace your bulbs more often.

  1. Opt for energy-efficient appliances.

While energy-efficient appliances typically cost more, they can save you up to 25% on power consumption compared to the conventional ones.

  1. Adjusting your behavior and going back to manual.

You can conserve a substantial amount in energy costs by simply adjusting your behavior. Turn off the lights and appliances if you don’t need them. Use fans and take advantage of natural ventilation whenever possible. Instead of using your dryers, air-dry your dishes and hang your clothes outside to dry.

Heating and cooling appliances contribute to nearly half of the utility bills of an average. Reductions in the intensity and frequency of using these appliances offer significant savings in your overall power consumption at home.

  1. Use a home energy monitor.

Energy monitors provide you insights regarding your energy use at home and help you keep track of appliances that use electricity the most. Using this information, you can find ways on how to make your home more energy-efficient. Moreover, modern energy monitors come with a variety of features that make them more useful and efficient.

  1. Wash your clothes with cold water.

Heating the water for washing your clothes adds up to your energy usage considerably, and cold water is just as effective in getting your clothes cleaned.

  1. Keep your doors closed.

One of the most effortless ways to cut down on energy costs is by keeping the doors in the rooms in your house closed. Opening your doors frequently means you are letting the cold air escape and letting the hot air in. The same is true for your refrigerator doors. Plan what you need to get ahead of time before opening your fridge’s door.

Also, use drapes and thick curtains to block off the sun from getting inside your home during the day.